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Summer Instrument Care


Most musicians know the basics of caring for their instrument.? However, summer months especially can be unkind to instruments if they are not cared for properly.? The heat and humidity can be extremely damaging to them.? To make sure your instrument plays the best and lasts a long time, make sure you are taking proper care of it.

Below are some tips to care for your instrument in the summer.

Pegs.? Pegs need to be changed with the seasons.? During the summer, pegs expand from the heat and humidity and could start to stick or become difficult to turn.

Transportation.? Never leave your instrument in your car or trunk for extended periods of time during the summer!? The heat and humidity can bubble the varnish or dry out the glue joints.? Always plan ahead if you need to go someplace right after a gig or lessons.? See if you can leave your instrument with a friend or bring it inside with you.

Storage.? When storing your instrument at home during the summer, be wary of its placement.? Never store your instrument near radiators, humidifiers or vents.? All of these things change the environment and can be harmful to your instrument.? Try to keep your instrument in a cool place away from constantly changing temperatures.

Cleaning.? Cleaning your instrument after each use is a must during any month!? Summer months can be especially damaging to your instruments, especially if you?re playing or practicing outdoors.? Always remember to wipe down your instrument after each use!

Be Prepared.? It’s always nice to sit outside and practice your instrument during the summer!? It’s okay to go to the park and play your instrument, but be prepared to maintain your instrument in the heat.? Bring along a cloth to wipe down your instrument and your instrument case to store it when you’re not playing it.

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