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How Often Should You Tune Your Piano?


In order for your piano to sound its best and play notes accurately, it must be tuned every once and a while.? What is piano tuning?? Piano tuning involves making small corrections to the tensions of the strings of a piano to properly align the intervals between their pitches so that the instrument is in tune.

How do you know when it?s time to tune your piano?

A good rule of thumb when it comes to piano tuning is to tune it twice a year.? Temperature and humidity levels change when you turn on your heat for the winter and off for the spring so those are good times to tune your piano.? However, some pianos may require more or less tuning.

Here are some good indicators that it is time to tune your piano.

1. Older and brand-new pianos might need to be tuned more often.? Older pianos need to be tuned simply because, as with anything, the instrument will sustain wear and tear with age.? This causes the piano to lose its crisp sound faster than newer pianos.? Similarly, brand-new pianos will need to be tuned several times during the first year because of the instrument?s new strings.? New strings will stretch and settle during the first year.
2. Pianos should be kept in a stable environment where the temperature and humidity does not vary greatly.? If you?re piano is not in a stable environment, it may need to be tuned more often to compensate for extreme temperature changes.
3. The more often you tune your piano, the less often you will need to tune it in the future.? Tuning a piano manipulates the strings and the instrument so the more you tune your piano, the better it will hold its sound.
4. Keep in mind that just because you?re not playing your instrument does not mean you can go years without tuning it.? A piano that sits without being played or turned for a significant amount of time will be that much harder to tune in the future.

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