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10 Music Performance Tips


A music performance can be very nerve-wracking.

Here are some tips to make sure you have a great performance.

1. When you first walk out on stage for a performance, introduce yourself and make eye contact with some friendly faces in the crowd. Always smile and convey confidence, even if your nerves are getting the best of you.
2. Exude confidence! Even some of the best performers have terrible stage freight, but their love of music helps them overcome these fears. You?re the one with the talent who has the courage to be on stage, so show it. Remember that you can still have a great performance even if everything wasn?t perfect.
3. A music performer is similar to a public speaker, in that they have to engage the audience in the first 10 seconds. If the crowd isn?t hooked right away, it sets the tone for the rest of the performance.
4. Make sure your first piece is one that you truly enjoy. Again, this is the time to ?hook? your audience. You will perform a piece better if you actually like it. Your audience will be able to tell if this song is one you love performing or one that you are forced to play.
5. Play or sing your piece as if it?s a journey. Introduce the piece if it required introduction and begin with great energy and enthusiasm. During the climax, use the highest amount of expression and emotion. End the performance as you would end a journey-with resolution.
6. Visualize yourself as an entertainer rather than just a performer. Entertainers engage the audience and try to see their performance through the eyes of the audience. This will greatly improve your performance because you?ll be focusing on the needs of the audience.
7. Be unique. Even if you?re doing a cover rather than playing your own songs, do something different. No one else can play or sing exactly how you do, so don?t try to mimic the original artist. Take everything you play and make it your own.
8. Perform your piece as you would like it to be performed. The audience doesn?t expect a perfect performance, but they did come to be entertained. Use full energy and keep the audience engaged, otherwise your audience numbers will dwindle as you continue to perform.
9. Remember the lyrics! This seems like a no-brainer, but it?s very embarrassing for a performer to sing the wrong lyrics, or sing them in the wrong order.
10. Chat up the audience in between songs. If you aren?t able to engage the audience during your songs, you might be able to grab them in between. This is a great way to build a relationship with the crowd during a performance.

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