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Diet for Vocal Health


Most singers know to avoid smoke and keep their vocal chords hydrated and in good vocal health, but not everyone knows that the foods you eat can have just as much effect on the sound of your voice as a cold would. In order to maintain vocal health, it?s important to maintain a healthy diet.

Here are some foods to avoid for a vocal health.

1. Foods with high fat content (fast food, chocolate desserts etc.). Foods with high fat content can trigger the acid in your stomach to over-produce to digest these foods. This can cause heartburn and swollen vocal chords making it difficult and unpleasant to sing correctly.

2. Alcohol and caffeine. These are ones you?ve probably heard of, but maybe don?t know why to avoid them. Alcohol and caffeine have similar effects on the body and dehydrate you. Both increase acid production in your stomach, which can cause acid reflux and is damaging for vocal health.

3. Salty and spicy foods (Mexican and Chinese foods). These aren?t ones to cut out of your diet completely, but definitely before a performance and practice session and definitely only eat in moderation. Both these foods can cause dehydration and swollen vocal chords. Your body needs to use more water to metabolize salty and spicy foods, so when eating these foods it?s important to have a glass of water nearby.

4. Dairy before a performance. Growing up singing in choirs, this was always my favorite thing to tell my parents I had to avoid since I hated milk. Dairy products are essential to body and vocal health and should not be cut out of a diet completely, but performers should definitely steer clear of them before a performance or practice session. Dairy products cause excess mucus production and make it difficult to get a crisp clear sound when singing.

The most important thing to remember about vocal health is keeping a well-balanced, healthy diet.

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