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Healing Music


Music can be an integral part of mental healing. Most people have songs they listen to when they need a good cry, or songs that really pump them up for a night out. Music has a way of affecting our emotions like nothing else can. Music is universal in the sense that you don?t need to understand the lyrics, but the music tells the story.

Here are some ways that music can help with mental healing.

Energy Boost!
Think about it, it?s a Sunday and you have a million things to do but no energy to do them. You play some music that always motivates you and suddenly you have enough energy to anything you set your mind to. Upbeat energizing songs have the ability to motivate us to do things. Listening to certain music can clear our minds and allow us to compartmentalize our tasks in manageable ways.

Whether you?re aware of it or not, relaxing music can slow down your heartbeat allowing stress and anxiety to leave your body. Our bodies have a way of mimicking the music we are listening to. Therefore, slower beats will slow down our bodies and faster, more upbeat music will energize us.

Familiar Music.
Everyone has songs that remind them of specific events or people. It could be your wedding song, the song that was playing when met a good friend etc. When you hear these songs again, you are immediately transported back to that time with those feelings. Familiar music can bring us back to a time when we were really happy or a time when we had no stress.

If you?re going to use music as a way of healing, then it?s important to understand what type of healing you need. First figure out if you?re stressed out and need to relax or if you?re irritable and maybe need an upbeat song to bring you out of a funk. Healing music can be very effective in tricking our bodies to be calm or happy.

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