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Music Lesson Myth: Children learn an instrument faster than adults.


Myth: It?s easier for children to learn an instrument than adults. Children tend to pick new things up faster than adults, but that is due to the fact that they have all the time in the world to practice, they don?t have stress or other commitments in their lives that would keep them from sticking with something. Most children have their parents? there to keep them motivated and make them practice an instrument. When learning a new instrument, there is a constant overload of information that might be difficult for adults to compartmentalize when adults are paying bills, working, running a household etc. Adults are more likely to become frustrated with an instrument since they have heard the piece or the instrument and know how it is supposed to sound and could become discouraged or stressed if they do not feel they are making quick progress.

Fact: Children and adults of all ages have the same chance of learning an instrument within a certain amount of time. The biggest key to learning a new instrument is motivation. Given serious motivation, adults actually have a better chance of learning an instrument because they can comprehend things quicker since children typically lack the desire to learn an instrument. All the obstacles listed above (frustration, exhaustion, other commitments) can affect your progress, but if you are motivated, then there is no reason you cannot learn an instrument just as quickly as a child.

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