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Singing Promotes Youth


People love singing! Whether it?s in the shower, along with the radio in the car or belting out a silly karaoke tune, generally, people love to sing. There are many reasons why people sing; favorite song comes on the radio, sad and just want to belt out a song of angst etc., but I bet there?s one reason you never thought to sing before: to stay young!

Here are some reasons why singing might keep your body young and in good health.

1. Singing makes you happy. As mentioned above, singing can be quite a stress reliever and can be a very emotional experience. Singing causes your brain to produce endorphins (the same ones produced during a workout or when you eat chocolate). These endorphins make you experience a feeling of happiness and well-being.

2. Singing is a good work out! A vigorous session of classical singing can equate to a Pilates class or core fitness training. The muscles used to project the voice are the same core muscles worked during a fitness class. Combined with a healthy singing voice diet, vocal training can be a weight loss program in itself.

3. Singing trains your breathing and makes your lung healthier. The effort required to hold long notes and produce great sound expands your lung capacity. Good breathing techniques can allow you to breathe and sleep better. A good night?s sleep definitely makes you look and feel younger.

4. Singing makes you look younger. Think about all the muscles you move in your face while your singing, all these movements are gently exercising your facial muscles?this can help reduce the onset of wrinkles.

Overall singing creates a sense of well-being and improved mental state. So whether you believe singing keeps wrinkles at bay, you probably can?t deny how great you feel after a vocal session.

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