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10 Tips to Motivate Students to Practice Music


Now that school?s started again, children?s practice schedules just got hectic.? Kids have their favorite after school activities and hobbies that they can easily make time to practice.? After the school day ends, kids have after school clubs or sports (which can last hours), homework and dinner.? By the time night falls, kids are exhausted and just want to relax.? So, how can you motivate them to make some time to practice their instrument?

Here are some tips to keep kids motivated to practice their instrument.

1. Aim to practice everyday.? This might seem daunting, but practicing everyday can shorten practice times so it doesn?t seem like such a chore.
2. Praise their efforts.? Kids get bored and discouraged easily.? If they feel they aren?t making any progress with their instrument, they won?t even want to try.? By commending them for their hard work, they may become more motivated.
3. Keep a set schedule.? Set aside 15-20 minutes every day at the same time everyday for your children to practice.? After awhile, this routine will become second nature.
4. Create a practice area.? Not many students are going to want to practice the piano when their sibling is sitting on the couch in the same room watching TV.? Separate practice areas from common areas so they are comfortable and free of distractions.
5. Remove distractions.? Try to make it so your children aren?t thinking about other things, like food or sports by having music be the last thing they focus on before homework.? After sport practice, make a snack and have your child sit down for a couple minutes to practice.? If they know homework comes right after practice, they won?t want to rush through it.
6. Reward practice.? Keep a calendar of all the days or minutes that your children practice their instruments and have a reward (pizza party, new movie etc.) at the end of a set amount of time.
7. Sign them up for recitals.? Kids will practice much better if they know they are going to be playing their instrument in front of people.
8. Create a musical home.? Play music while cleaning or making dinner.? This will put your children in the music mind set so music and practice seem second nature.
9. Make sure they are practicing efficiently.? Since kids get bored easily, if they are not making progress, they will not want to continue.? Speak with their band teacher or private instructor to make sure they are maximizing their practice time.
10. Take private lessons.? If children know they have an instructor coming to their home weekly to see what they?ve accomplished and teach them new things, they might be more apt to practice to impress their instructor.

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