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10 Tips to Start your own Garage Band


So you want to start a band and don’t know where to start!

Here are a few things to consider before starting a band.

1. Learn to play your instrument well! This seems like a no-brainer, but make sure you are confident enough with your instrument to play it in front of an audience and mesh your sound with others.
2. Find other musicians like you. Don?t just pick someone because they?re the best; make sure they have similar goals to you. Otherwise the band won?t last.
3. Decide what style of music you want to play. Make sure everyone is on board with this so you can develop your style together.
4. Find a place to practice! You can?t have a band without a garage or place to practice.
5. Make sure everyone has an instrument. If you know someone who can play piano really well and you want him/her in the band, go out and get a keyboard. It?s unrealistic to think there will always be a piano around.
6. Write your own music. This isn?t a necessity since you can cover songs, but if you want your band to go places, you?ll need to write your own music.
7. Make times to practice together. Even if you?re all taking lessons and practicing your parts of the song, you will need to play together to identify weaknesses or what needs to be changed.
8. Set up small concerts or play for your neighborhood to get feedback. If you want to start getting gigs, it?s best to play in front of a smaller crowd first and ask for suggestions.
9. Buy gear! If you want to play a concert, just your instruments will not suffice. You need amps, mics, pedals etc. Make sure you have access to all these things before signing up for a gig.
10. Create a catchy band name. Think of a name that means something to you and the band, or that identifies you. Unique names are catchier and easy to remember!

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