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Adding Music to Your Home Life


Children who are exposed to music daily, beginning at a young age, will often find it to be second nature. Studies show that children who have taken music lessons perform better in school! So why not make music a part of yours’ and your children?s daily lives and set them up for success.

Here are a couple ways to bring music into your home.

Listen to all kinds of music! Always have music playing in your home, but vary the types you play. Bedtime music can be classical or relaxing. Salsa music is always fun when cleaning! Try to introduce new types of music to give your home a worldlier cultured vibe.

Play music together. This doesn?t mean you need to form a family band, but playing together can be motivation for younger children to practice and play their instrument. If you don?t play an instrument, take lessons so you can practice and play with your child.

Have theme nights. Create differently themed days and play only that type of music. Try and make a day of activities and food that all revolve around the same culture. This could mean cooking an Italian dinner, listening to Italian music and maybe playing an Italian game or drinking dinner beverages in wine glasses. If children can learn to appreciate the culture, appreciating the music will follow.

Go to concerts and orchestras. Emphasize the importance of live music. Get tickets to concerts, musicals or live bands and make it a big spectacle. Dress up, have dinner and discuss the importance of that type of music. Even if the music isn?t especially appealing for the children, the event will be exciting enough for them to enjoy it.

Music is very important to the culture and development of children! Creating a musical home emphasizes this importance and introduces children to new cultures.

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