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Guitar Lesson Myth: The cheaper, the better.


Myth: I am motivated and have natural musical ability and therefore do not need to spend money on guitar lessons or a nice guitar. Natural ability can be very helpful when learning a new instrument, especially if you can count and keep beats in your head. If you can?t keep a beat or do different things with each hand at the same time, then learning to play the guitar is going to be quite a challenge.

Fact: Just because you have natural talent does not mean that you will not benefit from instruction from an accomplished guitar teacher. Guitar instructors have typically graduated with a music degree and have been teaching lessons for years. Similarly, all guitar teachers have taken some kind of lessons themselves. Most teachers now did not have the opportunity to go online and search for guitar tutorials, they had to meet with a teacher and learn the basics. Now that they have taken courses and lessons, they are capable of teaching their craft to others. Guitar teachers often learn different techniques and tricks from one of their many instructors. This can be helpful if regular techniques are not working for you.

Buying an old worn out guitar doesn?t always have to be a bad thing. Sometimes you can find great guitars that just need a little TLC to bring them back. Remember the old saying though, ?you get what you pay for.? This is definitely true when buying instruments. If you go to a garage sale and buy a 30-year-old guitar and expect to learn to play the guitar like a master, it?s probably not going to happen. Older guitars will need more upkeep than newer guitars simply because of wear and tear. Older guitars might not be able to stay in tune as long which can hinder your ability to learn chords.

Learning to play the guitar is an expensive hobby, but you don?t need to go bankrupt.

There are lots of tips for saving money when buying a guitar, you just need to learn what you can and cannot skimp on.

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