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Music Lesson Myth: Children should learn to play the piano before any other instrument.


Myth: The first instrument a child should learn to play is the piano. This is a common myth that seems to make sense because when children are young, it may be easiest for them to play the piano. It?s simple; you just sit down and play. When learning other instruments, such as the guitar or trumpet at a young age, it can be difficult for students to press down the guitar strings hard enough or produce enough sound with the trumpet.

Fact: While the piano may seem like the easiest instrument to learn, children do not need to know how to play the piano before they can play another instrument. School band class typically begins around 5th grade and many students entering band have never picked up an instrument. It?s true that many band teachers will require drum students to have basic piano skills, but that?s the only instrument. In fact, the piano is not an instrument that band students can take so if your child has never had piano lessons before, they will have to begin playing a different band instrument.

For young children, the piano is not the only instrument they are capable of learning. Many young children begin music lessons by playing the violin, thanks to the Suzuki method created by Japanese violinist Shin’ichi Suzuki. The Suzuki method does not require children to learn to read music, they listen and play what they hear. This method works well for young children around the age of three because often they cannot read yet. While this method can be taught on any instrument, for young children, the violin is the easiest for them to play besides the piano.

Children can learn any instrument at a any age; not just the piano!

Listen to your children and see what instrument they would like to play or what you think they are capable of learning and enroll them in music lessons!

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