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Music Lesson Myth: I?m not musical and incapable of learning an instrument.


Myth: I?ve taken lessons before and am just not musical; therefore, I cannot learn any instrument.? This is a common but damaging myth.? Many people assume that since they were forced to play the piano as a child, or hated playing the flute in elementary school, that they just aren?t musical.

Fact: By nature, humans are musical.? If you can sing along in the car or tap your foot to the sound of a drum, guess what?? You can learn a musical instrument.? Learning to play an instrument is difficult for most people.? There are a number of reasons as to why previous lessons didn?t work out.? Maybe your teacher did not understand your learning style or maybe your parents didn?t encourage you to practice enough.? Sometimes young children do not have the maturity level or dedication to learn an instrument without constant encouragement, especially if they aren?t interested in learning the instrument in the first place.

If you?re worried you might not be musical, take a second and think about an instrument that you would actually like to play.? If you hated the piano, maybe you?ll love the guitar.? If you love jazz music, maybe you?ll enjoy the saxophone or the piano.? There are many instruments out there so everyone can find something they are interested in.? Don?t give up on lessons just because things aren?t working out with a specific instrument or instructor.? Both can be switched and you should not let one bad experience ruin music lessons for you!

Everyone is musical!

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