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Piano Lesson Myth: My hands are too small to play the piano.


Myth: My hands are too small to be able to play the piano. This is a common myth that many people have probably heard. In fact, when I was younger and wanted to take piano lessons, my parents told me that my sister had ?piano fingers? but I didn?t because my hands were too small. The myth makes sense since sometimes there are songs that require you to be able to reach distant keys at the same time, but this doesn?t mean you need to count out piano lessons in general.

Fact: Just because you have small hands does not mean there are no songs you will be able to play! Small hands are considered to be less than a span of eight inches. If your hands are smaller than that, then you may have a more difficult time learning to play piano. A good test to see if your hands are really too small is to stretch out your hand and try to play a C with your thumb and the above C with your pinky. If you can do that, then you will be able to play most any song! If you can?t reach both keys, don?t fret; there are still plenty of songs you will be able to play!

Pianists with small hands will learn to be able to stretch their fingers further with practice. Just because you start out not able to reach a full octave, does not mean you will not be able to reach this feat. There are also smaller keyboards that are built for people with small hands. Small keyboards are 7/8 the size of a regular piano and still have the required amount of keys.

Small hands might be a bit of a burden when first learning the piano, but eventually you will be able to overcome this and make beautiful music!

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