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Tips to Save Money on Music Lessons


Anyone who?s played a musical instrument knows that it?s not a cheap endeavor. The cost of the instrument, music lessons etc. can cost thousands of dollars. This is quite an investment for some, but it?s definitely worth it.

Here are a few tips to save money on music lessons.

Shorten your lesson time. This is not an ideal solution, but if you are dedicated enough, you could cut down your lesson duration to save money. Make sure and talk to your instructor about ways to practice and see if they can give you homework or supplemental music lessons (book/online practice) to keep you on track and progressing.

Take in-home lessons. In-home music lessons may seem more expensive at first, but if you think about time and gas you?ll be saving, it can be cheaper in the long run. Time is money so the more time you spend driving to and from lessons, the more money you?re actually wasting.

Buy used instruments. New instruments are expensive! Pianos can cost tens of thousands of dollars and guitars and other instruments cost hundreds! On top of the music lessons you?re already spending money on, buying a new instrument will skyrocket the budget you?ve set aside for learning your instrument. Just because an instrument is used does not mean it will not play as well as a new one. Used instruments can be picked up at a garage sale and refurbished to play good as new. Used instruments are also only a fraction of the cost simply because they aren?t new, it has nothing to do with their sound.

Take group music lessons. If there is an option to take group lessons rather than private, try that! Most of the time group music lessons are longer in duration and cost less. If you?re someone who learns new things easily without the one on one time with an instructor, this could be the perfect way to cut your music lesson costs!

Practice! The best way to save money on music lessons is to make sure you are making the most of your lessons! Practicing every day and asking your instructor for practice tips will make sure you are progressing. The less time you need to spend taking music lessons, the less money you will spend learning the instrument.

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