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More Tips for Starting Your Own Band


Start a band.

Sounds easy enough, right? Find musicians, pick a cool name and start jamming together.

Starting your own band might sound easy, and to some extent it is, but there are some obstacles to overcome before your first gig.

1. Find people to join your band that you work well with and make decisions together. Band always have a front man, but all decisions should be a consensus. If half the band wants to do one thing and the other half wants to do something else, work together to find a solution. If some band members are constantly losing battles and being walked over, eventually they?ll leave, and probably not at a convenient time.

2. Have clear goals! Make sure all band members are there for the same reason. If some members only want to play and have fun and others want to work hard and play gigs, there is going to be some nasty disagreements. Things might work with your band at first if you?re trying to prove playing gigs and making records is worth it, but eventually things can go bad and you?ll be back to square one.

3. Deal with problems right away instead of hoping they?ll fizzle out. If one of your band mates is a stage hog or refuses to practice the basics even though they should, these issues should be handled right away. Bands are a team effort and if one person feels like it?s their band, there will be more problems and power struggles later on.

4. Remember that things take time! Just because you read an article about a band that became famous over night does not mean that will be your band. Keep practicing and working towards your goals and don?t give up! Many famous bands had doors slammed in their faces early on, but they were persistent and determined and it paid off.

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