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10 Songs About Fall


Summer?s over, but it?s not quite Christmas yet. The sleepy season in between is upon us and there?s no better way to welcome this colorful season than to listen to songs that celebrates autumn.

10 songs about fall.

Harvest Moon by Neil Young. While this might be more of a love song than a song about fall, the harvest moon happens during the autumn equinox. This song is very fitting of the autumn season.

October by U2. While this might not be one of their most popular songs, it definitely captures the essence of fall??October, and the trees are stripped bare.?

Autumn Almanac by The Kinks. This is one of the songs that is considered a classic of the 1960s. With its lyrics highlighting the great things about cold autumn days, it?s sure to get you in the mood to drink some tea and hide from the cool breeze.

Autumn Leaves by Nat King Cole. Originally a French song called ?The Dead Leaves,? Nat King Cole popularized this song with his rendition in the film ?Autumn Leaves.?

September Song by Frank Sinatra. This song was originally performed in the Broadway musical ?Knickerbocker Holiday,? but Frank Sinatra brought it mainstream in 1946. There are many different covers of this song. Let us know what your favorite performance is!

L?autunno by Antonio Vivaldi. Part of his concerto ?Four Season,? L?autunno (Autumn) is the third concerto in the song. The music of this concerto cannot help but remind you of the cool changing season.

Forever Autumn by Moody Blues. Originally a jingle for a Lego commercial, this song achieved success with the rendition by Moody Blues in 1978.

Autumn in New York by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. This song has been recorded by a number of artists but one of my favorite versions is Ella and Louis.

September by Earth, Wind and Fire. This upbeat song will get you ready to go out and rake some leaves or spend a night on the town. With lyrics like ?never was a cloudy day,? the song uses the season to signify an autumn romance.

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. Not exactly an upbeat tune, but it certainly talks about fall. With summer coming to a close and realty setting in (work and school), autumn can be a dreary season.

Tell us what your favorite autumn songs are!

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