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10 tips for cleaning your drum set


Just like other instruments, drum sets need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the best sound. Unlike other instruments, drum sets have many parts that need to be cleaned different ways.

Here are some tips for cleaning your drum set.

1. Compressed air. Use a can of compressed air to get dust out of those hard to reach places that your drum set is filled with!
2. Goo Gone. Use Goo Gone to get the tape residue off your cymbals or drum stand!
3. Use Gaffers Tape. This is definitely more expensive than duct tape, but it doesn?t leave the residue that other tapes leave. If you don?t want to waste time and money trying to get tape residue off your drum set, invest in Gaffers Tape.
4. Don?t clean your cymbals. At least think about it before you do! Some musicians swear by their dirty old cymbals. They think it gives the cymbals a warm sound and adds character giving their music a unique sound.
5. Furniture polish. This is probably the quickest way to clean your drum set. The antistatic properties help keep dust from sticking and finger prints wipe off easily with a cloth.
6. Damp cloth. Don?t use a sopping wet cloth! Rather, wet a cloth and wring it out, then wipe down your drums. Don?t use a wet cloth on the metal stands unless it is almost dry.
7. Dry cloth. If you?re drum set is already set up for a show and you don?t want to disturb it, but you still want to clean off your drum set, use a dry cloth. Instead of wiping your drum set, stand back and whip the drum with the dry cloth. This will create a breeze to blow away the dust and force dust out from hard to reach places.
8. Remove the drum heads. Rather than trying to clean around them. This does not need to be done every time, but for a thorough cleaning, the drum heads should be removed to clean inside the shell.
9. Keep the stands free of moisture. The metal parts of your drum and stands should always stay dry and free of moisture to prevent rust. Wipe down all metal parts after practice and performances.
10. Don?t use abrasive cleaners! Abrasive cleaners can damage your drums. You may think you?re getting a better clean, but this damage is permanent and your drums will not last as long.

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