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10 Tips for Writing Your Own Music


Writing your own music may seem like a difficult task; coming up with the melody, the lyrics and putting them all together. These days, many performers have other write their music because it is a difficult task. One way to really get yourself noticed is to write your own music rather than playing other people?s music or starting a cover band.

Here are some tips for writing your own music.

1. Figure out what works best for you. Try writing some lyrics first, then try playing a melody. Figure out what?s easier for you to start with and go with that.
2. Listen to different types of music and get inspiration from them. Different artists are going to do different things with their music and it?s important to keep variety in your songs to make them unique.
3. Keep a pen and paper or a tape recorder with you at all times. You never know when inspiration will hit and you don?t want to be caught without a way to record your thoughts.
4. Draw inspiration from past experiences. Think about your first love or a high school bully and think about how you felt. The songs with the most emotion are the ones people can relate to because they feel real.
5. Make sure your music and lyrics go together. Sad lyrics shouldn?t have a happy upbeat tempo. Make sure everything about the song makes sense.
6. Make sure your song means something. Songs with silly lyrics can become hits, but the best songs are the ones that mean something and people can relate to.
7. Try to create catchy lyrics and music. The catchy songs are the ones people sing over and over and become hits. This doesn?t mean your whole song has to rhyme, but some sort of word play can be helpful.
8. Create a hook. The hook is the part of the song that captivates listeners and makes them want to listen to it over and over. Great hooks are what will make listeners remember your songs.
9. Get feedback or ask for advice. If you?re not sure about a part of the song or how to really take it to the next level, ask a friend or fellow musician to help you. They might have some insights that you did not think of.
10. Keep writing! Don?t stop just because you have so many songs that you?d never be able to play them all. The more you write, the better your songs will be.

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