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Avoid Being Ripped off by a Piano Salesperson


People become salespeople for a reason; they are persuasive. A good salesperson will be able to get you to buy something that you don?t really need or pay more for something cheap or damages. Piano salespeople are no different than regular salespeople; they want to make the most profit off their piano in the least amount of time.

Here are a few things to watch out for when buying a piano.

1. They don?t let you inspect the piano thoroughly. You should always be able to play and inspect a piano before you buy it! Some people will use tricky ways to try to get you to not inspect the piano. If there are heavy things on the lid or they say they just put a fresh coat of polish on the instrument, be wary. Let them know you will come back when you can further inspect the piano, or if you get a bad feeling about the instrument, don?t waste your time with it. If you are unable to inspect the piano, that?s because the salesperson does not want you to.

2. They tell you they have other offers or that you have to make a decision immediately. This is a common trick used by salespeople across the board. They try to pressure you into buying the piano right away so you don?t have time to shop around or thoroughly inspect the instrument. A piano will most likely cost you thousands of dollars, so you don?t want to make a rushed decision and miss out on the best deal.

3. They make it difficult for you to say ?no.? Everyone has dealt with a salesperson that makes it uncomfortable for you to walk away from the sale. They will try to pressure you into buying this instrument whether or not it?s right for you. If a salesperson tries to guilt you into buying their piano by telling you of their financial troubles or trying to become your best friend so you feel bad saying no to the purchase, they might be trying to con you into the sale.

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