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Choosing Band Instruments


For many students, elementary/middle school bands will be their first experience with musical instruments. This can also be the beginning of their musical career or the end of their music attempts. So how do you choose the right band instrument and give your child a fair chance at loving music?

Here are some tips to help parents choose the right band instruments for their children.

Children definitely stick with things longer when they are good at them. If they pick up a band instrument and show an innate talent with it, then odds are, they?ll enjoy playing it. It?s also easy to get discouraged if children cannot make a sound from an instrument. If they are having trouble with the instrument, then they probably will not continue past the mandatory band years.

If your child knows she has wanted to play the saxophone ever since she can remember, then she?ll be more likely to practice and stick with it. However, if your children show no talent with this instrument that they loved so dearly, then they?ll likely quit band. Find a happy medium! If your child wants to play the saxophone but finds after taking lessons that she cannot handle this larger instrument, switch to something a little smaller, like the clarinet. The clarinet has similar components to the saxophone but it small smaller.

Band instruments vary in shapes and sizes, as do students. Some students will not be able to handle playing larger instruments. Keep in mind that children are going to be carrying these instruments back and forth from school and home all week. If the instrument is too large, then the student may always leave the instrument at school or in their locker, therefore never practicing.

Some band instruments are more expensive than others. It?s hard to justify shelling out big bucks if your child really isn?t interested in band in the first place. Shop around and see what band instruments are cheaper that your child might be interested in learning or if a neighbor has an instrument to sell or loan to you. If you don?t want cost to limit your child?s band instrument choice, see if the school rents instruments or if there is somewhere you can rent the instrument before buying it.

Give your children a shot at a musical life by encouraging them to learn band instruments!

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