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Guitar Lesson Myth: Since there are online tutorials, guitar lessons are no longer necessary.


Myth: I don?t need to take guitar lessons because I can learn to play the guitar by watching YouTube videos and downloading tutorials online. It?s true that we live in a time when everything you would ever want to know is online and you can find guitar lessons demonstrations or tutorials on YouTube. ?How to? videos on YouTube can show you what?s in the video, it can?t tell you if you?re playing something right or wrong.

Fact: Online videos can never take the place of one-on-one personalized lessons with a professional instructor. It?s true that you can probably learn to play a song on the guitar by watching a video, but you will only know how to play that song. You won?t know how to practice or create your own music; you would need to watch another video to learn how to play another song. ?How to? videos will only be able to show you one approach to practicing or playing a riff, but an experienced instructor will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and show you how best to practice and play songs.

Not all songs are the same level of difficulty to learn and if you are having trouble learning a more difficult song or riff, you cannot ask a video what you?re doing wrong or for a different approach. A guitar instructor will be able to help you through more difficult riffs and give you tips about playing guitar. Online videos can give you tips, but not all may pertain to or work for you. If you?re serious about learning to play the guitar, professional guitar lessons are a must. YouTube videos are great for brushing up on some skills, but nothing beats the one-on-one time with an experienced guitar teacher.

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