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Making Musical Instruments with Household Items


Kids love music and making noise! When you have young children, it may seem silly to buy them a drum set or a guitar. Household items can be used to make musical instruments that are age appropriate for young children.

Here are some musical instruments you can make with items you already have in your home.

Paper plate shaker: These are one of the easiest musical instruments to make! Take a paper plate and set it upright on the table (as if you were going to eat off it). Add a handful of beads or beans to the plate and place another plate right over the top. Staple the plates all around the edges and it is ready to play! You can add a popsicle stick to the end of it so it can be played like maracas. You can also decorate these musical instruments with paint and glitter for a fun project.

Drum set: Drum sets are also easy musical instruments to make because everyone has these items around the house. Take empty coffee cans or any empty canister that has a lit and you have a drum. Drums can be played with your hands, chop sticks, spoons etc. Another way to make a drum is to take an empty canister and take the lid off. Then criss-cross electrical tape over the top of the can until the whole top is covered and you have a drum.

Natural maracas: These are great for this time of year! Buy some gourds or squash and let them dry out. Once they?re completely dry, the exterior will be hard and when you shake them, the seeds will bounce around creating a nice rattle. These musical instruments can also be painted and decorated for a fun activity.

Musical glasses: Line up a row of glasses filled with different amounts of water. When you tap them with a stick or spoon, they will make different sounds. You can also wet your finger and gently trace it around the rim of the glass to create a glass harmonica. These musical instruments are a little more challenging to play as it takes some time to figure out the pressure you need to use to create the sound, but the end result is beautiful.

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