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Music Lesson Myth: Band instruments are gender specified.


Myth: Band instruments are gender specified-girls should play woodwind instruments and boys should play brass and percussion. If you look at a school band ensemble, typically the girl will be playing the flutes and clarinets and the boys will be playing the drums and brass instruments. Seems legit right? If you look at a school band, most of the flute players are girls and very rarely will a female be playing the drums or tuba. So it would seem that girls should play woodwind instruments and boys should play brass instruments and percussion instruments.

Fact: Instruments are not gender specified, but instead, gender stereotyped. Boys can definitely play the flute and in fact, some of the best flute players in the world are men. The myth came about because the flute and other woodwind instruments are smaller and create a lighter, higher pitched sound; all things that are thought to be more appealing to females. While on the other hand, brass instruments are larger and create bigger sounds, things that males are thought to be more interested in.

In reality, both males and females can play any instrument. All instruments require practice and some children might be more talented at one instrument than another. If a girl has had piano lessons, she will most likely excel at playing the drums over a boy that has never taken piano lessons. Don?t limit yourself or your children to certain instruments simply because of gender stereotypes in music.

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