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Music Lesson Myth: The flute is the easiest musical instrument to learn


Myth: The flute is the easiest musical instrument to learn. The flute has the reputation of being the easiest musical instrument to learn for a lot of reasons. It?s small and easy to transport. It?s cheaper to buy and is very popular. Since the flute is smaller, it?s much easier to handle than a tuba or trombone. Some instruments require you to be doing different things with your mouth on the reed or doing two different things with your hands, which can be challenging for some.

Fact: The difficulty of the instrument depends on the person playing. The flute may be easiest for some people but others may not be able to make a sound. The flute is smaller and takes the least amount of effort to make a sound, but it?s not going to be the easiest instrument for everyone to learn.

A lot of factors play into someone?s ability to learn an instrument.

Interest: If a student is more interested in learning one instrument over another, they will be more apt to practice and learn the instrument they are interested in.

Size: Instruments come in all shapes and sizes. A larger person with large hands may have more trouble making sound with the flute than a small person. Similarly, a small person may have trouble learning and transporting a brass instrument.

Accessibility: Some instruments may be easier for parents to acquire. If the family does not have a piano but their children would like to play piano, it?s going to be more difficult for the students to practice piano outside of studio lessons. Keep in mind that students will be carrying around their instrument. If the instrument is too large, then the student may not want to carry it back and forth from school and therefore it will never be practiced.

No instruments are easier to play than others! It all depends on the student. If you?re unsure of what instrument your child should play, contact Lesson Match to speak to a lesson coordinator about what instrument would suit your student best.

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