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Music Lesson Myth: I?m a beginner so I don?t need an experienced music instructor.


Myth: I?m a beginning music student so I do not need an experienced music instructor yet. Sounds right, doesn?t it? Since you?re a beginner yourself, why spend more money on an accomplished music instructor when you?re just starting out? There are plenty of high school students looking to make extra money teaching piano lessons and that seems like it would be perfect for beginning music students.

Fact: When you?re a beginner is the most important time to have an experienced instructor! Beginning music students are going to start out learning the basics and the foundations of their instrument. Instructors that only have basic knowledge of an instrument are only going to be able to teach you what they know, rather than teach you why techniques are important and create a lesson plan tailored to you. If your instructor has only has one teacher in the past, he/she will only be able to teach you how he/she was taught rather than creating a teaching approach specific to your needs.

Sometimes having an inexperienced teacher can harm your learning ability. Inexperienced teachers may have picked up bad habits unintentionally simply because they do not have a broad range of experience. You don?t want to pick up back music habits because they could either turn you off of music for good or make it so you have to start over once you get a new instructor. It?s better to learn things right the first time than to have to condition bad habits.

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