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Music Lesson Myth: Listening to classical music makes you smarter.


Myth: Listening to classical music automatically makes you smarter. Parents always want the best for their children and try to follow rules and myths they?ve heard about making their children smarter. Listening to classical music will make you feel more cultured, like you?re on the same level as great composers like Mozart and Bach. Even movie companies are selling intelligence by stating that watching their movies (that involve lots of colors and classical music) will enhance children?s cognitive development.

Fact: Only listening to classical music will not automatically make children smarter. This myth was born because studies show that students who listen to classical music before a standardized test will score better than their peers who do not listen to classical music. That isn?t because they are getting smarter from the classical music, but rather increased performance on certain special-temporal tasks. Classical music is also shown to slow heart rates and reduce stress levels, so if students are nervous about an exam, classical music could calm them down so they perform better on the exam.

While just listening to classical music will not make you smarter, taking music lessons will. Students who have taken some type of music lessons (even short term lessons) perform better on standardized tests, have better listening and communication skills and have the capacity to learn new languages with ease. However, students do not need to be classically trained or playing classical music to get these benefits; any type of music training will make you smarter.

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