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How Songwriters Overcome Writer’s Block


Writers block happens to all writers, including songwriters. Writer?s block happens when songwriters (and other authors) are unable to come up with new material. This could happen if the songwriters become distracted, they may have run out of inspiration or the task at hand may be beyond their ability.

Here are some ways songwriters can overcome writer?s block.

Write about anything! Literally just grab a pen and paper and start writing, about anything. Just the act of writing things on paper, regardless of how silly it may sound, may get your creative juices flowing.

Try to change the pace. Maybe the song isn?t working because you?re trying to create an up tempo beat for a song that should be performed slower. Don?t be afraid to try and work the song at a different pace and see if that helps.

Get ideas on paper. Don?t worry how they sound or if they don?t make sense, just add something to your song. Songwriter?s sometimes worry about their lyrics and if things make sense, but that doesn?t need to be worried about when writing a first draft. It?s easier to work off of a draft than to keep trying to write the perfect lyrics right away.

Try starting from another place. Instead of having to write the beginning of the song before moving onto the chorus, try writing the chorus first. This is going to be the most remembered part of the song, so why not work the rest of the song around that.

Write something else. If you can?t write a song right now, try writing a poem. Often poems can be made into songs anyways. This is a good way to get the words to flow and often times songwriter?s, and people in general, have an easier time writing poems because they know they can be personal.

Look for inspiration elsewhere. Can?t think of anything current happening that you want to write about? Go back through an old diary, photos or read a favorite book and see if you can draw inspiration from that. Writer?s block often happens because the songwriters have run out of inspiration. Don?t let that stop you. Draw inspiration from past experiences or even other people?s experiences.

Aspiring songwriters need more tips to overcome writer’s block?

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