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Vocal Lesson Myth: Singing lessons are not for me because I?m interested in singing popular songs.


Myth: Vocal lessons are for people who want to sing opera or classical music. Since I?m interested in singing popular music, singing lessons are not for me. Opera and classical singers will usually say they started taking vocal lessons at a very young age. Similarly, many rock legends say they have had no professional vocal training. It makes sense to think that singing lessons are only for people who want to become classically trained, but that?s not true.

Fact: Music lessons are for everyone and many instructors teach a variety of styles, including pop and rock. A vocal instructor?s job is to improve the student?s singing ability and range. They do this through breathing techniques, tone productions, expansion of ranges etc. They want the students to have well-rounded musical knowledge and talent. Vocal instructors will be able identify the student?s voice type and characteristics. If they feel you?re voice would do better more classically trained, then they might try to steer you in that direction. However, if you are completely against classical music training and only want to be able to sing karaoke like a pro, your instructor will listen to your needs and get you where you want to be.

Not all vocal teachers are alike and you may find an instructor that believes you should be classically trained before learning any other styles. If this really is not for you, you will be able to find an instructor that can meet your needs. Before signing up with music lessons, make sure and ask if your instructor is able to teach a variety of vocal style or if they only specialize in one genre. Switching instructors may not seem ideal, but if the choice is quitting music or switching instructors, finding a new instructor is definitely the way to go.

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