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Acoustic vs. Electric: Which guitar is right for you?


Definitely a big decision for beginning guitarists?should you purchase an electric guitar or an acoustic. Everyone will have an opinion for you, your friend who plays in a band and loves his/her electric guitar will likely push you towards that, the salesperson you are purchasing the instrument from will have an opinion based on how much commission he receives. So how do you know which guitar to choose?

Here are some tips for choosing the right guitar.

Use. What are you using the instrument for? If you?re going to be playing in a rock band, then an acoustic guitar will not produce enough sound. If you want an instrument that you can play anywhere that doesn?t require a lot of equipment, then an acoustic is the way to go. Decide what you will use this instrument for the most, and buy according to that. Eventually you can purchase another guitar, but that might not be a feasible option when you?re just starting out.

Sound. The acoustic and electric guitars produce different sounds. An acoustic guitar will have a natural sound that is uninhibited by electronics. On the other hand, an electric guitar will be able to use modern advances and electronics to amplify and enhance sound. You will be able to create louder and different sounds with an electric guitar.

Difficulty. The electric guitar is easier to play than the acoustic guitar because it is able to use electronics to amplify the sound. Therefore, you don?t need to push down as hard on the strings and your strings can be lighter. Acoustic guitars don?t use amps and require heavier strings to make louder sound. You will need to use more energy to play the acoustic.

What it really comes down to is: which guitar do you want to play. If you?ve had your heart set on playing the acoustic guitar, then that?s what you should get. If you want to play an instrument, then you?ll be motivated to find ways to play that instrument.

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