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Should you buy a used piano? Pros and Cons


The value of a piano depends on many factors. Sometimes you can get a great deal by buying a used piano and you may even like it better than a new one.

Here are some pros and cons to buying a used piano.

-The sound of a quality piano ages well. If you can get a quality piano that has been kept well, it should have a nice tone rather than a contrasting tone that can happen with newer poorly made pianos.
-You could get a great piano for a great price! Some people are in such a rush to sell their piano that they will sell it for a low price to ensure it sells quickly. This can be great because you could be getting a nearly new piano for a fraction of the cost.
-Piano history can be mysterious and be a great conversation starter. Pianos can last upwards of 60 years if properly maintained and think about what a great history that could have!
-They won?t break the bank. This is a given but used instruments are cheaper than new ones. Remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, that it probably is. Keep an eye out for signs of piano damage before purchasing.

-Cheap used pianos may be cheaply made or poorly maintained. Not everyone knows how to take care of a piano and they may not know what they are selling. Just because the instrument looks nice on the outside, there could be interior damage rendering it useless.
-While the piano may be cheap, the repairs might not be. Beware when purchasing a used piano of the repair costs that go along with it. When buying any piano, you should always have it tuned and checked out by a piano technician, which can be very pricey.
-Older pianos may not have a lot of life left in them. Older pianos have been through a lot in their lifetime: frequent moves, infrequent tunings, climate changes etc. All of these things can increase the amount of stress on a piano shortening its lifespan.

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