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How to command the stage: 10 Vocal Performance Tips


1. Dress to impress. Wear a nice outfit that you feel comfortable in. If you feel like you look great, then you?ll have more confidence, which will radiate on stage. However, always be comfortable. If you?re wearing a great outfit that you don?t feel comfortable in, you?re mood will show it and you might hide.
2. Don?t hide. Don?t wear a big hat or a bunch of makeup to hide your appearance. Be comfortable and let the audience see you.
3. Mean what you?re singing and act like it. If one of your songs speaks to you, don?t blow through the lyrics with little emotion. Feel the music. Make the audience believe in what you?re singing.
4. Make eye contact. Don?t just stare off into space; look at the audience. They want to feel engaged and their love for your music can motivate you. If you don?t feel comfortable looking at strangers, have your friends come and sit in the audience and keep your eyes on them.
5. Open your eyes! Just like making eye contact, the audience identifies with you through your eyes. It makes them feel part of the show. You may feel more emotion with your eyes closed, but your audience will not feel the emotion.
6. Stay calm. If you make a mistake, move past it. Don?t stand on stage awkward or make it known that you are having trouble; act natural. The audience does not know what is and is not part of your show.
7. Think about your set list. Make sure the songs flow and that you can keep up. Don?t put everyone?s favorite songs right at the beginning of the performance or the audience might lose interest.
8. Relax. Give yourself time on stage to relax. Don?t play a succession of fast paced dance songs; break them up with a couple slower songs. You don?t want to give your all right in the beginning and have the rest of the performance be dull.
9. Have a Plan B. Make sure you have some songs as back up in case you are feeling under the weather and are unable to hit the high notes or you can?t keep up your energy. Make sure your band is aware of the possible changes as well.
10. Rehearse! Make sure you are prepared for a live concert. Practice everything through and do practice runs to make sure you are able to do the set list. With all the other things that can go wrong during a show, make sure forgetting the lyrics isn?t one of them.

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