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How to Identify Piano Practice Mistakes


In an earlier article, I discussed how there is no excuse for making mistakes during piano practice and there isn?t. However, things can get tricky if you don?t know where or why you?re making mistakes. We play the piano how we practice, so if you?re learning to play the piano while making mistakes then you will play in front of people making mistakes.

ere are some ways to tell why you are making piano practice mistakes.

First, discover where you are making piano mistakes.

Are you simply skipping notes or missing keys? Or are you forgetting a technique or how to play a note?

If you?re missing notes and fumbling through pieces: Slow down! This is a clear indicator that you?re simply playing too fast for your skill level and need to slow down and learn the piece better. Break the piece down into smaller parts and work through the more difficult parts of the song first. If you keep starting from the beginning and fumbling over the same parts and then starting over again, you?ll master the beginning of the piece and never get to the ending. If you break down a piece, you?ll be able to play each part and then put it all together. If you?re having trouble playing through a piece at normal speed, but you?ve already mastered each part individually, play the piece through more slowly. Once you can play the piece slowly, begin to speed up until you can play through the piece perfectly.

If you?re making mistakes that have to do with the more technical side of piano playing, like forgetting how to play a note or having memory issues, you don?t know the music well enough and need to spend more time with the basics. Spend some time away from the piano and practice. That?s right. Don?t sit at your piano and try to practice your sight-reading or ear training. Go into the living room and sit down and focus at the task in front of you. Simply slowing down and trying to work through your mistakes probably will not work in this case since you do not know the basics. You may be able to work through one piece, but if you don?t learn the basics, then you?ll continue to have trouble with the same issues.

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