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Piano Lesson Myth: Mistakes are okay because I am just beginning to play the piano.


Myth: Mistakes I make are okay because I am a beginner and just started playing the piano. Beginning piano players will often move past and excuse their mistakes because they feel it?s okay since they are just starting to learn to play the piano. Think about all the other things you started learning and how often you made mistakes, like missing a basket in basketball practice or tripping during a track meet. Since those mistakes are excusable, it seems logical that piano practice mistakes are normal as well.

Fact: If you?re making a mistake while practicing piano, it?s because you?re going too fast or not paying attention. Everyone will make mistakes at first, it?s only natural, but if you keep making those mistakes, you?re not learning. Once you make a mistake during piano practice, start over and slow down. Don?t allow yourself to make the piano mistake and don?t just move past it hoping you?ll get it right the next time. Make sure you get it right the next time!

Slowing down may not seem like it will solve all your problems, but think about typing on a computer keyboard. Odds are, when you first started out, you were not typing 90 words per minute with no errors. You started out slowly, taking your time to make sure you hit all the right keys. Probably even today, if you?re typing on a computer keyboard and you find yourself making lots of mistakes, you can slow down and type with no errors. The piano is the same. If you?re having trouble and making lots of mistakes, then you simply need to slow down and focus. Once you?ve mastered the piece and a slower pace, then you can bring it up to speed.

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