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Piano lesson myth: I never play my piano so I don?t need to tune it.


Myth: Since I never play my piano, I don?t have to tune it. This seems logical, if you?re not playing an instrument, then why should you tune it.

Fact: Pianos need to be tuned regularly whether or not they are being played. In order to understand why you need to tune your piano regularly, it?s important to understand why you need to tune your instrument at all.

Why tune your piano:
Pianos need to be tuned because of the high string tension. This causes the strings to stretch and go flat. Regardless of whether or not your playing it, the string tension will always be there.

Your argument might still be that since you?re not going to play your piano at all, then you don?t care if the pitch is flat. However, if you ever want to sell your piano at a good value, then you need to take proper care of it! If your piano is left un-tuned and flat for too long, the piano may not be able to handle the stress of taking the strings back up to standard pitch. Essentially, not tuning your piano for long periods of time destroys your piano making it unable to play or sell.

A good rule of thumb is to tune your piano every six months or twice a year. Six months is the longest a piano should go without being tuned because that?s how long it takes before interaction between the strings occurs making it nearly impossible to tune. That means that when you?re tuning one string, the tension becomes too much for that string to handle and the strings around it (that might have just been tuned) lose their pitch.

Don?t fret if you go more than six months without tuning your piano, the damage is most likely reversible, it?s just going to take longer to bring your piano back to good health.

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