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Playing Music from Memory: Is it necessary?


Memorization comes in handy in every aspect of life; from school to song lyrics, but is it necessary to memorize music if you’re learning to play an instrument? Of course you need to memorize note names and the position of each note on the staff, but eventually that will become second nature. Is it necessary then to memorize pieces of music?

Here are some pros to memorizing pieces of music.

– Once you have a piece memorized, it?s easier to focus on techniques or how you can play the music better.
– At one point or another, you?ll probably be asked to demonstrate your musical talent at some type of gathering. It?s a good idea to have a couple pieces memorized just in case this situation ever arises.
– If you?re always looking at a piece of music, you can rarely look at your hands and fingers. If you have a piece memorized, then you can spend more time studying the positions your hands make and perfect techniques.
– Musicians look more professional and well rehearsed if they do not need to have a piece of sheet music on the stand during a performance.
– If you want to play in a band, sheet music will not be allowed. When was the last time you saw your favorite band on stage with music on a stand in front of them.

For beginners, it may be helpful to always have sheet music in front of them while they are playing, just in case they become distracted and need to refer to the music. Once you?re an advanced musician, memorizing music will be a huge advantage.

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