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Should You Be Practicing the Guitar Right Now?


There is no right amount of time per day that everyone should be practicing the guitar. Practice duration depends on a number of factors:

-What do you want to get out of guitar lessons?
-How motivated are you?
-How much time per day do you have to practice?

You probably know someone who practices for hours everyday and is making quick progress, but that doesn?t mean you need to practice six hours a day to achieve the same results.

Here are some guitar practice tips.

Identify your goals. Figure out what you?re trying to get out of guitar lessons. Are you trying to join a band or have a real love for the guitar? Or are you just looking for a new hobby? Once you decide what you?re trying to get from the guitar, it?ll be easier to figure out how long you should practice per day. If you?re friends are starting a band and need a guitar player in three months, you should probably be practicing for a couple hours a day. If learning to play the guitar is on your bucket list, then you can leisurely practice for 30-60 minutes per day, or however long you get enjoyment from it.

Motivation. If you?re determined to learn to play the guitar and you?re practicing efficiently, then there is no reason you need to practice for hours every day. If you know what you?re doing, then efficiently practicing for 30 minutes a day will yield the same results and someone less motivated who practices for two hours a day.

Stay positive and have fun! If you enjoy playing the guitar, then you?re more likely to enjoy the journey than if you?re learning the guitar for someone else. If you want to progress quickly but cannot stay motivated for a three-hour practice session, break up your practice through out the day. Wake up a little bit earlier in the morning and practice, then right after school and maybe again before bed. Regardless of when you?re practicing, always have fun!

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