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Turn on the music and start studying!


?Turn off that music and do your homework!? Sound familiar? Most of us have heard that at one time or another; someone yelling at us to turn off the music so we can focus. But is this actually counter productive? You may have heard that listening to music can actually make you focus better and it’s true.

Here are some reasons why listening to music while studying can help you focus.

Distractions: While studying, people often find that they are easily distracted by background noises. Traffic, pen clicking, the hum of the refrigerator running etc. are all sounds that people cannot control. These are the sounds most likely to annoy and distract you when you are trying to focus. If you find yourself becoming distracted by sounds that you cannot control, drown out those sounds with something you can control and would prefer to listen to?music! Choose a type of music that is not going to distract you from your studies, but instead distract you from the annoying sounds of life.

Relaxation: Studying is a time when your mind should be shut off from the outside world and completely focused on the task at hand. But how often does that really happen. When you?re trying to make your brain focus on one thing, of course all the other things you?re worried about are going to creep into your thoughts??Did I pay those bills? I better take a break and check.? If you try to study in complete silence, then the worries in your mind are going to seem much louder. Instead of trying to study with complete silence, put on some relaxing music in the background. Classical music is shown to relax most people, but that doesn?t mean it will relax you. Choose a type of music you know will relax you and allow you to focus on your studies.

Keep in mind, that listening to music while studying will not work for everyone. In fact, sometimes you can become so distracted by the music that you might not remember anything you had learned in the past hour. Take some time to figure out what works best for you. But don?t think that just because you?re listening to music, you?re not efficiently studying.

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