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It?s December; time to tune the piano.


Piano owners know that a piano should be tuned twice a year (once a year at the very least) to keep the piano at top performance. But do you know the best times to tune your piano? A good rule of thumb is two weeks after you turn your heat on in the winter and two weeks after you turn it off in the spring.

Why are those the best times to tune your piano?

Well, here are some reasons why your piano will need to be tuned:
–Humidity changes
–Temperature changes
–Heavy hands
–Frequent moves

Humidity and temperature changes affect the tune of the piano more than anything else. When the seasons change, specifically from fall to winter and winter to spring, the humidity levels severely change in your home. Less moisture in the air shrinks the wooden structure of the piano causing it to lose its tune. Similarly, when you turn off your heat in the spring and moisture is back in the air, your piano will soak up the new moisture and the wood will swell. This also causes the piano to drift out of tune.

There are some ways to maintain moisture in your home, which could mean that you can tune your piano any two times per year. However, if you?re planning on trying to regulate the humidity for instrument care, make sure you are up for the challenge. Your humidifier needs to be constantly monitored to be sure it does not dry out. You also need a thermometer to monitor the temperate and humidity to make sure the levels are consistent. If you forget about your humidifier, then the levels will severely drop causing more harm to your piano than the gradual climate shift that happens naturally.

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