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Piano lesson myth: I haven?t played piano in years and now I have to start over.


Myth: Since I haven?t played the piano in years, now I have to start from the beginning again. If you haven?t played the piano in years and you decide to sit down and play some Chopin one day, probably you won?t play as well as you used to (if you can still play at all). There are some things that you can pick up after not having done in years, like riding a bike or a horse. However, there are a lot of things that you can?t just pick up again, like doing cartwheels or double dutch jump rope. If you?re trying to play the piano again for the first time in years, then it may seem like playing the piano is something you have to learn all over again. Your fingers might be stiff and unable to reach a full octave or you may have forgotten the fingering for several notes. But that doesn?t mean you have to completely start over.

Fact: As with many things, you may have forgotten some of the basics overtime, but as soon as you get back into it, you?ll pick things right back up again. Taking some refresher piano lessons would be a good idea to help you remember the basics quicker, but it isn?t necessary. All you need to do is take some time to go over the basics and practice daily. It may feel like you?re starting over, but think about how long it took for you to learn these techniques in the first place; definitely not as long as it?s taking you now.

If you?re fingers are stiff and you feel like you just can?t master the fingerings, you just need to relax and stretch. Think about when you take off a few months (years) from the gym and decide to get back into it. You?re not going to be able to run ten six minute miles right away; you?re going to need to build up to it. Take your time and relax your hands and fingers. Your entire hand doesn?t need to be firm and press the keys; only your fingertips need to do the work. The more you practice the more nimble your hands and fingers will be.

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