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Monthly Archives: January 2013

New Years Resolution: Learn to Play an Instrument.


It?s that time of year again; the time when people makes the decision to alter their lifestyles and better themselves. One of the most common resolutions is to learn something new. Wondering what new talent you should learn? How about learn to play an instrument! Learning to play an instrument will have lasting benefits, regardless of your age, gender, demographics etc.

Where to begin learning an instrument?

First. Decide what instrument you would like to learn. Don?t just listen to your friends, or learn to play the piano simply because you have access to a piano. Take some time to think about what instrument truly interests you. You may hear that some instruments are easier to learn than others, but that?s not necessary true. If you chose an instrument that you?re actually interested in learning, then you?ll have the motivation to practice and overcome obstacles.

Second. Pick a plan of action. Are you going to take private lessons, group lessons in a classroom setting or just watch online tutorials? For some instruments, you will be able to learn the basics by watching online videos. However, I definitely recommend taking lessons. Deciding whether to take group lessons or private lessons depends on your learning abilities. Private lessons will offer a more tailored teaching method, but group lessons will allow you to take lessons with friends or peers.

Third. Invest in an instrument. If you already have a piano at your house and that?s the instrument you would like to learn, then hire a piano tuner to come and check out your piano. There?s nothing worse than trying to learn to play an instrument if it?s not in tune. If you need to buy your instrument, shop around first. Don?t jump on the first ?best deal? you find. Do some research into the instrument you?re purchasing and decide if you?re going to rent it, buy it new or buy a used one. If necessary, bring along a friend or teacher that knows more about the instrument than you since he or she will know what to look for and what questions to ask.

Learning to play an instrument is a process; it?s not something that one picks up overnight. New years resolutions are meant to be challenging, and if you?re up for the challenge, learning to play an instrument will be worth it.

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