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Piano Lesson Myth: Practicing means playing a piece from start to finish over and over.


Myth: Practicing the piano means playing a piece from start to finish over and over again. When learning to play a piece, it makes sense that you would play it from start to finish. You want to make sure that you can play through the piece to perfection and while you?re doing that, you?re probably learning to practice notes.

Fact: Practicing the piano is not only playing a piece over and over. That?s just learning to play a piece. To effectively practice, students need to learn notes, practice measures and learn the basics. Otherwise, you?re just learning the one piece and when you try to play another piece, you?ll have to start all over again.

In order to efficiently learn to play a piece, you need to lay the groundwork first. Take your time when practicing, practice one measure at a time and focus on the ones that give you trouble and try to play with one hand. All of these things will ensure you?re actually learning to play the piano and not just learning to play one piece.

Eventually, you?ll be able to play through any piano piece from start to finish with ease.

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