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Summer Music Lessons


Summer is here and Lesson Match wants to help you enroll your children in in-home music lessons!

Summer is a great time to relax and take a break from school and other academic activities.? It?s also a time when kids are bored with nothing to occupy their time!? In-home music lessons are a great way to keep kids busy and out of trouble.

Studies show that music lessons not only expose children to other cultures, but also can help with their academic success.?? There is a correlation between music lessons and higher scores in math, reading and on standardized tests! A great way to keep children occupied, without worrying that they’re up to no good, is to get them interested in a beneficial hobby.

This summer, if you?ve already exhausted all ways to keep kids busy, sign them up with private in-home music lessons! Private in-home music lessons make learning easy for the busy parents and bored children.

Lesson Match has excellent instructors that specialize in making in-home music lessons fun for kids!

Contact us today for more information about in-home music lessons!

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Music Lessons for Valentine’s Day


Stuck on what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and everyone buys the typical flowers, chocolate and jewelry.? Music lessons may be the perfect gift for your significant other who loves to sing in the shower, or your son who plays the air guitar along to the radio.? Valentine’s Day is the day to give gifts to show people they are special to you, and music lessons could be that perfect gift.

This Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones that you think outside the box and give them the gift of music!

Music lessons with Lesson Match are easy and convenient because our instructors come to your home on your time. To have a Valentine’s Day gift card sent to that special someone, or to schedule music lessons, contact Lesson Match. Our Lesson Coordinator does all the work, so you just need to let us know when you?re available and what lesson you want to learn, and we take care of the rest.

This year give a Valentine’s Day gift that will stay with someone for a lifetime!

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Lesson Match Introduces James Whatton on Guitar and Bass!


James Whatton has studied both Guitar and Bass at Music Tech, where he received many accolades for his knowledge in music theory and performance.? Continuing his education, he has been studying privately with various renowned teachers over the past 13 years, including the likes of Anthony Cox, Bobby Stanton and Scott Fraser.? After Graduating from Music Tech, he moved out to Portland, Oregon and started playing in the rock band Slow Bus.? After playing numerous venues and festivals out west and a short stint in San Francisco playing in an acoustic duo, he headed back to the Midwest where he has called home for the past 10 years.? Once back in Minneapolis, he played in well-received Minneapolis bands (Boku Maru, Triage, Hallaballoo and Gypsy Rogues) as well as his current band Bitter Roots, in which he plays guitar and sings.? Bitter Roots can be seen playing at such places as The Whiskey Junction and The Cabooze.? You can also see him playing bass in the band Shirts and Skins at numerous venues in the area.

He has been teaching Guitar and Bass lessons for over a decade and is a creative music teacher with experience in developing a student?s interest and abilities in music through creating a supportive environment in which each individual can learn. His passion is music; he found this out at a young age and you can see it in his playing.? It?s his desire to help others with the same passion to find their voice in music.

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Welcome Elliott Roche on Guitar!


Elliott Roche was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN and started playing drums at the age of 8. When he was around 14, he and his friends were inspired by the music they were listening to and wanted to learn how that music was made. They started taking lessons, saving up for musical equipment, practicing and trying to come up with ideas together to form a band. Eventually, they felt they were ready to play a gig when a friend asked them to play her house party. So they practiced other people’s songs, and a few of their own, and played in front of people for the first time. Some of the band members liked playing in front of other people and some didn?t, but they were all happy to learn how music was made; and most of them continue to learn today. Over the years band members came and went but Elliott wanted to play music whether he had people to play with or not, so the guitar became his instrument of choice. At age 21, Elliott received an offer to play in Mexico, two shows a day, seven days a week for a tourist bar for three months.? He get put up in a hotel and paid a little. He did this and learned that he liked the musician life.? So he did some networking, found other places to play and ended up staying for the better part of two and a half years. He returned in the spring of 2009 and regularly plays gigs here (sometimes solo, sometime with his band “The Cheap Thrills”) at venues including, the Fine Line, Marquette University, the Uptown Art Fair, the Turf Club and many more.

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Give the Gift of Music!

xmas tree

Lesson Match music lessons make perfect gifts!

It?s that time of year again.? Time to call your relatives and figure out what they want for Christmas.? For most people, that means throwing on your winter coat and driving all the way to the mall on a busy Saturday in December.? If you?ve ever gone Christmas shopping on a weekend in December, then you know what a nightmare it is.? This year give the gift of music, rather than a traditional gift.

Here are some reasons why music lessons from Lesson Match make the perfect Christmas gift:


Holiday promotions! Now through December 31st, Lesson Match is offering discounted prices- half off the set up fee and first lesson for free!

Hate driving to the mall in the snow? Well, with a Lesson Match gift certificate, you don?t have to leave the comfort of your own home!? Just pick up the phone; let us know what kind of music lessons you?re looking for and we?ll take care of the rest!

Don?t know what to buy your extremely busy niece or nephew? Lesson Match was designed to fit the schedule of busy individuals.? Our instructors work with your busy schedule to find a time that works best for you.? Best of all, Lesson Match instructors come to your home, so lessons can be squeezed into a busy schedule right before dinner.

Do your children love singing along to the radio? Or aspire to be a rock star?? If so, then music lessons could be the perfect gift.? Many of our music instructors are or have been in bands and can give helpful tips to aspiring musicians.? Music lessons could help give your little musician the confidence he or she needs to make it big.

This year, instead of a toy or sweater, give someone the gift of music lessons.? Music is a gift that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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Announcing Cole Mickelson on Guitar!

Cole Mickelson

Cole Mickelson was raised on a small family grain farm in northwestern Minnesota.? He grew up listening to his father play mandolin and guitar; it was here that his love for music began.? Despite his father?s love of music, Cole didn?t pick up a guitar until the age of 17.? He then spent most of his time studying with his father and several ensemble groups.? Cole moved to the Twin Cities in 2004 to learn more about music and enrolled in McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul.

While studying at McNally Smith, Cole had opportunities to practice and perform a wide range of music, including jazz, country, pop and funk.? He has been lucky enough to study with some of the area?s greatest players and educators.? He spent two years touring the Midwest with popular country bands.? Now, Cole is focused on playing pop and jazz in local ensembles.

In the past year, Cole has kept busy in the local music scene, performing several times a week at venues such as the 7th Street Entry, Sauce(Cause) and the 331 Club.? As a member of folk-rock group ?Skittish,? Cole played at the South-by-Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas this past spring.? The band was also featured on Kare 11?s local show last winter.? In addition to live performance, Cole enjoys recording music and has been featured on several local artists? albums.? He is also a staple guitarist at Cornerstone Church in Crystal, MN.? Above all else, Cole enjoys learning more about music and playing with new musicians.

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Lesson Match Welcomes Wendy Pace!


Hi! I grew up with music all around me, playing piano since I was five, and later the flute during my school years. After working in the business field for several years, I realized my heart was with music and children, and I went on to complete my Bachelors and Masters in Music Education at the University of South Carolina. I love all types and styles of music, and love guiding young and young at heart in developing a lifelong foundation of musicianship. I also love to sing, and while teaching elementary music I saw the joy that singing, movement, and singing games brought to the students in my classroom. I use these elements in every class. My curriculum is called ?Music Moves For Piano?, and is designed to develop musical thinkers and keyboard performers through the ?sound to notation? method. It is a?new piano?series for the 21st century that builds on?Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, and Dalcroze and applies Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory ?to the teaching of piano. It is a sequential learning process that guides students how to hear music with understanding, providing a solid foundation for developing music literacy.

In Music Moves for Piano students learn to:

  • Improvise, play by ear, transpose, and harmonize
  • Compose, arrange, read, and write music notation
  • Sing?and?play?- accompany singers?and instrumentalists
  • Perform?with comfort and fluency in a variety of social settings
  • Play with technical ease and freedom from muscular tension
  • Listen to and perform music with understanding?-?students?audiate
  • Become independent music thinkers

Lesson activities are organized around four specific areas of musical development:

1. Audiation skills ( ability to think musically with understanding) using singing, chanting, moving, and pattern instruction.

2. Keyboard?geography and technique

3. Keyboard exploration, creativity, and improvisation

4. Book/ listening assignments.

This program is ideal for families with two or more siblings ages 4 to 10 yrs old wishing to take lessons. Private instruction time overlaps with partner activities, movement activities, and playing duets together. Single children will also love the purposeful activities and creative approach to music making. All children are guided in musical experiences that foster a lifelong love of music making.

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LessonMatch Welcomes Andrea DeOtis!

Duluth 2010

Music has been a part of Andrea DeOtis?s life for as long as she can remember.? She started playing the clarinet when she was 10 years old and fell in love with it instantly.? She has played various types of clarinets, including the bass clarinet.? When Andrea was a teenager she taught herself how to play the flute because it was an instrument she had always wanted to learn.? Her freshmen year of high school Andrea was a part of the Robbinsdale City Marching Band.? She also played in the Robbinsdale City Concert Band.? During college, Andrea decided to take on the alto-sax.? Throughout her life, Andrea has enjoyed playing her instruments in musicals and in church.

This is not Andrea?s first time teaching private music lessons; during the summers she has taught lessons in the Orono School District.? Her goal is to help her students achieve their fullest potential and won?t let them settle for anything less than their best.? Andrea is a talented musician and looks forward to teaching her skills to new students.

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Welcome Jack Sabol-Williams!


Jack Sabol-Williams is a musician from Sheboygan, WI.? He studied Music Education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and moved to the Twin Cities two years ago.? Jack developed an interest in music early in life and has been playing percussion for the past 13 years.? With his music and education background, Jack is able to teach all band instruments.

In addition to teaching, Jack also enjoys playing music himself.? He has played keyboards in a band called the Shoeless Revolution for the last five years.? Working as a touring musician has allowed Jack to develop musical skills in numerous styles and given him the opportunity to work with a wide variety of talented individuals.

Jack believes there is always more to learn and is constantly looking for people and ways to challenge his musical abilities.

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Now Enrolling for Fall Music Lessons!


With school coming to a start, there?s no better time to enroll in music lessons! Music lessons are great for kids because it encourages them to be creative and express themselves. Kids who take music lessons show greater improvement in reading and math skills than children who do not plan an instrument.

Why you should choose LessonMatch.
LessonMatch is a unique music school that offers private in-home lessons. The teachers go through a rigorous five-step interview and audition process to insure they?re the most skilled and talented at their craft. LessonMatch holds two recitals per year for students interested in performing for an audience.

What makes LessonMatch different from other schools?
At LessonMatch, we do not require new students to sign a contract. This is great for parents and students who are not sure they want to commit to a years worth of lessons, or who would just like to give lessons a try. Our cancellation process at LessonMatch also sets us apart from other schools. We do not have a cancellation fee and students have six weeks to complete any make-up lessons.

We come to you!
No more rushing around to studios after work or school because the LessonMatch teachers come to you! All of our lessons are taught in the comfort of your own home; and yes, it?s safe! All of our teachers undergo an extensive interview and audition process, a background check and reference check and are required to have a degree (or equivalent teaching experience) in music or education.

Sign up for LessonMatch now! There?s no better time to enroll your children in music lessons!

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