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Clarinet Lessons

Lesson Match provides clarinet lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Our clarinet teachers have experience in classical, jazz, rock, ska, and much more. Clarinet lessons are suitable for all ages! Taking clarinet lessons is rewarding and so much fun!

Recommendations for Clarinet Lessons

The clarinet is a great starter instrument, used commonly in school bands and orchestras. Learning clarinet is fairly easy and is recommended for children 8 years old and up. Our music teachers will work with students to help you learn proper finger placement, mouth shape, and how to read sheet music to get the most out of playing clarinet. For a clarinet lesson, you must have a clarinet, either rented or purchased. It is cheaper to rent, but if you enjoy it enough and want to keep it up for years to come, buying a clarinet would be worthwhile. For a beginner, a standard B-flat clarinet is needed. Wood clarinets are better in quality and recommended for more advanced students, but a beginner can do just fine with a cheaper, plastic clarinet. Reeds are needed to get started playing, as well as a ligature to hold the reed in place. Discuss with one of our music teachers what kind of reeds are preferred. Also a music stand is good to have to help you read and play music. A more advanced clarinet student may choose to venture out to other types of clarinets, ranging from the tiny E-flat to the large contra bass. Once you have mastered the B-flat clarinet, these other clarinet varieties are an easy transition. Saxophone is also played similarly to the clarinet, so after time, if you decide clarinet just isn’t your instrument, or if you just want to add a new instrument to your skill set, you will easily be able to transition to saxophone. Either way, clarinet is excellent to help you get started. Clarinet is a very enjoyable and versatile instrument. It is appropriate for just about any style of music, can be played solo or in an ensemble, and is small and easily portable. You will enjoy playing clarinet and sharpening your skills with one of our skilled teachers who love teaching music.

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