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Frequently Asked Questions

In Home Lessons
No need to venture out with all of your equipment to some old dusty studio. All of our lessons take place in the student?s homes. This leaves less chance of forgetting, and more chance of productive music learning!

What instruments do you teach?
Lesson Match offers music lessons in Minneapolis for virtually every instrument, every genre, even vocal singing. Guitar lessons, violin lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons or specialty musical instruments, too.

When is my first lesson?
Students can begin immediately once they are matched with a music teacher. The first lesson is typically scheduled within one week of registration.

How do music lessons last?
Lesson Match has 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions!

We recommend 45 minutes. However, the best lesson time truly depends on each student?s attention span. If you want, you can switch your lesson times if you need to accommodate either your child?s progress or your schedule as a busy parent.

Music Packages
Our pricing structure is very simple. Choose from music blocks in increments of:

  • 30 minute
  • 45 minute
  • 60 minute

All instruments and lessons are the same price; except Strings ($20/month extra).
Pay Lesson Match monthly for 4 Lessons ? Once per week.
If there are 5 weeks, you get one week free!

Tutoring Cost
All of these prices are for one month:

  • $110 for 30 Minute lessons
  • $160 for 45 Minute lessons
  • $200 for 60 Minute lessons
  • (+$20 for strings / $130/$180/$220)


  • Family discounts
  • Each additional student gets $5 off their monthly tuition
  • Multiple instrument discounts-
  • Add an additional instrument and get $10 off the second instrument?s monthly tuition

How old should my child be to start music lessons?
As early as possible! Music lessons have been proven to increase cognitive skills, math, science, reading, and SAT scores. Music also teaches kids how to make a commitment (and stick with it), self discipline, schedules and organization, and instills positive social skills. Music gives children a strong self esteem.

Lesson Match offers lessons for students aged 4 + and up. Plus, you can never be too old to learn, so even if you?re well within adulthood, music lessons are not just for kids! Treat yourself for your 40th birthday bash to those guitar lessons you?ve always wanted. Even adults have been known to excel at learning music, with the right music teacher who is patient and talented.

The recommendations for age ranges vary with each musical instrument. Basically it depends on when the child is ready, some are more advanced or motivated and mature than others. Try it, see how it works out, and go from there! Whether your kid sticks with it or not, the skills they will learn will still be valuable.

  • Guitar lessons: 7 +
  • Piano lessons: 3 ? 7 years old +
  • Drum lessons: 7 – 11 years old +
  • Singing lessons: Basic vocal lessons can be started at any age.
  • Strings (like harps, violins, etc.): 5 years old +
  • Band and percussion instruments: 6 – 8 years old +

What happens if I miss a lesson?
Once students enroll, they will work directly with their music instructors to handle scheduling of single lessons. Our policy is that the student must give the instructor at least 24 hours notice to reschedule a lesson. Changes made within less than 24 hours notice may result in the student losing that lesson.

If more permanent changes to music lessons are needed ? such as changing the day or time, lesson duration, or location ? students must contact directly. Please note that these changes require 48 hours notice and sometimes affect the cost of lessons (e.g. longer lessons cost more).

What if we need to take time off for vacation or prolonged absence?
As busy parents ourselves, Lesson Match understands the hectic schedule and busy lifestyles you lead. We get it!

We do not lock you in with any contracts and offer a simple postponement option that allows you to hold your place within the music teacher?s schedule for up to 24 weeks. This will stop the billing, while allowing the students an opportunity to keep any makeup lessons they may have. However, there is a $29 postponement deposit for this option, which is then credited to your account upon return.

What if I want to cancel my lessons?

New students:
As part of our 100% Money Back Guarantee, students who know they want to stop after the first lesson can contact us within 72 hours and we’ll either find another music instructor to suit their needs, or refund the entire lesson purchase (including the first lesson).

Existing Students
Unlike many other music tutoring services, we offer a ?no hassle? cancellation option. Simply contact us before the billing date and we?ll cancel lessons. We do not offer refunds on lessons that have been paid for but not taken. If for any reason you cannot take the remaining lessons as scheduled, you will have the option to save them for a later date (students have up to 12 weeks to resume lessons), give them to a friend, or even donate them to underprivileged students.

What is the first step?
After you have read all of the packages and want to learn more, contact us to let us help you meet a music teacher in your area that can help your child learn the musical instrument they choose to start with.

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