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Grand Rapids Music Lessons

Grand Rapids music lessons are sure to thrill you. If you thought that all the city of Grand Rapids is famous for is furniture, tourism or health care, then you have made a big mistake. There are many very good performers who participate in the Summer Concert Series every year. But not just about performing, there are many very good teachers too who are offering music lessons in Grand Rapids and helping others learn their music. The fact is, if you live anywhere within a short ride into town, or in the town itself, you can easily find music teachers for your kind of music.

Like any large American city, Grand Rapids in Michigan has schools and institutions that provide provision for studying music and learning various instruments or vocal music.

The Music Scene at Grand Rapids
Here in Grand Rapids you will find numerous concert venues where a fairly wide assortment of bands performs. The genres they are into include rock, punk, hardcore, indie and more conventional cover music. The Deltaplex, the Van Andel Arena, the Orbit Room, the DAAC, the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center are some, but there are others too.

In the month of May till August every year, there is the Summer Concert Series that is held at the Frederick Meijer Gardens. The concerts are held typically every Wednesday night. Visit the downtown and you can also listen to music at the Mall and at Blues. And the summer comes to an end here with the Celebration on the Grand after Labor Day.

Grand Rapids Background
Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan after Detroit. Beautifully located on the Grand River, it’s just about 30 miles from Lake Michigan. Once known as the ?Furniture City? because of the timber trade, the city and its hinterland are now diversified in economic terms, manufacturing consumer, healthcare and automotive products.

In recent times, the city has become a center for health care as businesses have spent more than a billion dollars to develop the facilities like the Van Andel Research Institute, the Cook-DeVos Center for Health and the Michigan State University’s new Medical School.

At Grand Rapids you can find expert and devoted teachers to give you the lessons you want ? piano lessons or violin lessons, guitar lessons or bass guitar lessons, drum lessons or voice lessons. You will find them all when you are looking for music lessons in Grand Rapids. So join up for your Grand Rapids music lessons and learn to become a serious listener, a hobby singer or player, or even a professional musician.