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Do you want to become a guitar teacher? Frankly, it is always better to be a first rate guitarist if you want to teach guitar to others. This will surely improve your credibility. It may thus be a good idea to practice by teaching friends and acquaintances initially. You will not only be able to sharpen your faculties in training, but will also be saved from the embarrassing situations before students who have come to you for learning guitar. But do remember, there is a huge difference between playing the instrument and teaching guitar.

What Does a Good Guitar Instructor Do?
A good guitar instructor should start by showing the scales and basic chords in a relaxed way ? never hurry. The first chords to be taught are the ones contained in the Caged System like the C A Am G E Em and the Dm. The so called difficult chords like F where the new student has to hold down more strings with one finger is not included in the Caged System. The guitar tutor may also download a free chord chart which shows the chords of the Caged System.

You can explain the theory or the principle behind how and what is being taught because this will surely help your student understand better. But remember that in the early stages of learning more emphasis should be given towards developing the student?s technique of playing guitar. You would do well if you modify the music lesson plans appropriately so that these may suit each individual student. After all, the needs of each student and the challenges are usually different.

It Might Be a Good Idea to Quiz Your Student First
Some guitar teachers insist on finding out who the student wants to play like so that a simplified beginner versions can be developed keeping in mind the idol. This will surely encourage the student because he/she knows that a customized program is being followed so that someday with luck, practice and skill he or she is able to play guitar like the maestro.

Sometimes when a new student fails to play the guitar the way the guitar instructor wants him/her to do, you as the coach instead of becoming frustrated, should try to locate the cause of the problem which may include wrong wrist position or unusually hard pressure or just faulty handling of the guitar, and should set the issue right.

It is not easy to impart music lessons or to become a good guitar teacher ? but with some experience you can indeed become someone who your students will love.

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