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Jacksonville Music Lessons

If you have an ear for music ? and maybe a voice too or a deep-felt wish to play some musical instrument, you could make a great start with Jacksonville music lessons. At the first glance, Jacksonville may not seem the most likely place for music, as it?s where America?s toughest fighting men and women are trained, live and retire to. But appearances can be deceptive, and don?t forget the glorious sound of the great U.S. Marine Band!

Jacksonville is indeed a great place for music. The city has given the country many talented musicians who have made a huge name for themselves, and there are plenty of good teachers too. Just select your kind of music and you will find someone who will impart the training you need ? a guitar teacher, violin teacher, voice coach or a person in another stream of music.

Jacksonville Music Scene
There?s actually no dearth of music in Jacksonville, and it?s not about the booming base drums and brass horns and the oompah. There?s other kind of music too, music that most people including soldiers, and most American families love to hear and dance to. It could be classical, or jazz, rock, hardcore, punk, indie, hip-hop, folk, country? there?s everything in Jacksonville.

Some famous music personalities from the city include the twin brothers Anthony Armstrong and Randy Armstrong. Anthony plays the guitar and Randy the piano and the bass. They belong to the Christian Hard Rock band Red. Another well known person is the singer Ryan Adams who belongs to the Whiskeytown band. He even has an album that is known as the Jacksonville City Nights. The city is also home to Sara Hickman and Danielle Peck ? both of them are singers.

Jacksonville ? The City Of Marines
The place where the city is today dates back to shortly after 1713, though the town itself was incorporated in 1842, named after President Jackson. The town prospered on naval supplies, lumber and tobacco. Nearly a century later, it was found ideal for an amphibious training base that was ultimately to become the main U.S. Marines base at Camp Lejeune. Jacksonville’s primary industry is retail sales and services.

It?s the youngest city in the U.S. with an average age of about 22 years. That?s because it?s home to the U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp.

There are fine teachers in the city who can give you all the coaching and mentoring you need ? violin lessons, voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons or bass guitar lessons.

There could plenty of reasons why you want to learn to sing or play the instrument. You might want to learn because you have always wanted to learn. You can also learn because you want to play or sing for your own satisfaction. And of course, you might also take up music as a serious career option. No matter what your cause, Jacksonville music lessons can help you.