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Lesson Match Studio Policies

LessonMatch offers more than just weekly lessons

Students Receive:

  • Qualified and talented teachers who come to you
  • Full time support staff dedicated to helping you and your teacher
  • 2 Recitals every year

LessonMatch is dedicated to finding you the very best teacher, one that matches the students? needs and musical goals.

Our teachers all pass a rigorous interview and audition process, as well as a full background and reference check. We ensure that every teacher we hire is extremely qualified, experienced and most importantly safe.

LessonMatch takes out all of the guesswork and we make it easy to make changes to fit your lifestyle. Students have the ability to change instruments, teachers and lesson times at any time.

Taking Time Off

Life is busy and we understand that. If you need some time off of lessons we make it easy. We never penalize you for simply taking a break and we try to be as flexible as possible for both the students and teachers. There are two options available to suspend lessons.


The postponement option enables our students to take a break from lessons while still maintaining their place within the teachers? schedule. It?s the perfect option for our students who need a little time off but know they would like to return.

  • Lessons and payments are put on hold during postponements.
  • This waives the registration fee when returning to lessons
  • Any make-up lessons on file are held until the student returns to lessons
  • A $29 deposit is processed after the last lesson date. That deposit is credited to the student?s first monthly payment upon return.
  • If student decides against returning the remaining lessons may be transferred to a friend, family, or donated to an unprivileged student.To postpone lessons simply contact the LessonMatch Student Center at any time and we?ll take care of everything!


A cancellation permanently terminates the student?s lessons.

  • Students are required to pay the enrollment fee if returning to lessons.
  • No refunds are offered on lessons that have been paid for but not taken.
  • If student has makeup lessons on file, they have up to 6 weeks to finish those lessons.
  • If student is unable to makeup the lessons on file they have the option to give them to a friend, family member, or even donate them to underprivileged students.

To cancel lessons simply contact the LessonMatch Student Center at any time and we?ll take care of everything!

Monthly Tuition payments

Your monthly tuition payment is invoiced to you on the 15th of each month, payments are due on the 30th of each month.

Your tuition includes

  • 4 weekly lessons for your specified lesson length
  • Recitals
  • Unlimited customer service

Changing your payment information

You can change your payment information at any time by contacting the LessonMatch Student Center.

Late fees

If payments are not made within 5 business days following the last day of the month a $25 late fee will be added to each student account and lessons will be suspended.

Billing adjustments

LessonMatch relies on information provided from our students and teachers. If there is a discrepancy in any information you receive from us or in your billing, please contact the LessonMatch Student Center so we can resolve any issues. Please allow 7-10 business days for any billing adjustments to be processed.

Missed lessons

Lessons that are considered excused may be made up at any time that works best for the students and teachers. We do not offer refunds for any missed lessons but the following options are available:

  • A separate lesson to make up the excused lesson.
  • Add time to regularly scheduled lessons.

* If a student has 6 excused make up lessons monthly billing may be temporarily paused to get caught up. If this is the case, please contact the LessonMatch Student Center and we?ll take care of everything!

Make up lesson guidelines

Only excused lessons are available for make up.

    1. Excused lesson:
    • A lesson missed by the student for which at least 24hrs-advanced notice was given.
    2. Unexcused lesson:
    • A lesson missed by the student for which advanced notice was not given. Unexcused lessons are not available for make up.

Make up lessons do not expire as long as the student is a full-time, active student.

If a student postpones, any make up lessons will be held on file for when the student returns to lessons. (Make up lessons are not available for use during a postponement.)

If a student cancels, any unused make up lessons must be used within 6 weeks.

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