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Lubbock Music Lessons

There aren?t too many places in northwest Texas that can compete with Lubbock music lessons. However frankly, at one time Lubbock was not a very nice place to call home because the crime rate was quite high. But all that has changed now. Over the last 10 years, the crime rate has gone down by more than 20% and naturally, more people are today moving into this community. With the city becoming more peaceful, the music scene is also looking up. If you are looking for music lessons in Lubbock, you will be glad to know that there are several teachers here who are offering these lessons. All you have to do is select from your piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, bass guitar lesson, drum lessons, voice lessons and more.

A Musical Showcase
Lubbock is sacred soil to rock n? rollers ? it was the legend Buddy Holly?s birthplace, and celebrates his genius with events and performances. But Lubbock?s music does not live by Holly alone. The city has been the birthplace or home to country musicians too numerous to name. However one name that must be mentioned is John Denver ? he is extremely popular here. As a haven of faith, Lubbock is also a center of Christian rock.

Just enter any of the coffee shops here and you might find some acoustic guitar performer. Or go to the music hall of Texas Tech and you could see another performance. The city also has the Lubbock orchestra.

An Oasis in History
Lubbock is named after its founder, a Confederate colonel who established the place in 1876, and today the city has become unique in many ways. It remained legally dry till as late as 1972. The city to this day does not have any inter-city rail service. It was also where the most convincing sightings of UFOs to date occurred decades ago.

It is also known as the Hub City because it?s at the hub of the region?s economy, healthcare and education. The city?s 10 largest employers are institutions in education, healthcare and related research, retail, telecom, IT and municipal administration.

If you are keen on music, you should find yourself a guitar teacher, violin teacher, voice coach or someone else who can teach you to sing or play an instrument. Lubbock music lessons could soon make you an expert who understands music and can distinguish between good and bad. Of course you could decide to be a more serious learner than that ? you could even take up music as a career option. Lubbock music lessons could help you achieve this.